Contributors Wanted!

It’s Only’s aim is to offer a wide-ranging and informative series of independent, unbiased and entertaining commentaries and articles from across the cultural spectrum. Whilst there are some areas that we’ve got covered (we think), there’s a veritable ocean of movies, T.V series, video-games and graphic novels that we’ve either never heard of or taken any great interest in. To that end, we’re looking for budding critics and writers to add to add their voice to our collective effort. If you have a passion and want to share it, we would love to hear from you.

What we’re looking for:

  • Lucid, well structured short essays which critique, analyse or evaluate a specific item (or serial) of popular culture;
  • We want contributions that are passionate, entertaining, informative and analytical – offering a fresh or informative perspective presented in a formal, academic register;
  • Contributions should be in continuous prose, conventionally formatted and have a maximum word count of 1500
  • We don’t mind scholarly analyses or more light-hearted critiques, but submissions should refrain from simplistic mockery or overtly-obvious ‘nitpicking’ – we don’t mind criticism (in fact, we quite enjoy it), but it should be properly shaped, fully developed and recognise the necessary conventions of fiction (so for example, acknowledging that stories will always have ‘holes’ in continuity due to the nature of time/cost limitations)
  • We are happy to receive enthusiastic contributions praising a movie, series or other item of popular culture, but we are not looking for outright ‘fanboy/girl’ submissions – essays need to be objective and should not mount ‘blind’ defences or ardent support of a particular series or franchise against perceived popular criticism.
  • If you are writing about an obscure or esoteric item, make sure you provide sufficient background and context for readers as to the origins/production/purpose of what you are writing about. (Assume that even the most popular of movies and T.V shows may need some form of introduction)
  • Written pieces should be in Word/.doc Format
  • We’re happy to consider audio/visual reviews, provided they are a maximum of 20 minutes in duration

Please submit questions or submissions to and we’ll get in touch. Please note: as we’re very poor and are not a commercial enterprise, we can’t pay for contributions.


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