This page is dedicated to collecting and sharing interesting and brilliant music – all genres, all eras; basically whatever happens to spring to mind on any given day… There’s no plan, no rhyme and no reason to what’s on here, so check in regularly to listen to things you love, get reacquainted with a former flame or discover something entirely new…



Crosby, Stills & Nash – ‘Wooden Ships’

It’s back to 1969 today and a classic bit of CS&N…



Billy Ocean – ‘Loverboy’

Today we travel back to 1984, when tight denim and high-top haircuts were deeply rooted into popular fashion and when the West was engaged in an icy stand-off with Russia. Oh wait, that’s 2014. Anyway, here’s a classic track from Billy Ocean’s 5th album Suddenly, so brimming with energy, it’s difficult to imagine hearing this and not breaking into an impromptu dance routine of some description…



Bruno Coulais – ‘Le Temps Des Decouvertes’

A stunning piece performed by the Paris Philharmonic Orchestra



Ryan Adams – ‘Gimme Something Good’

A great track from Adams’ excellent eponymously-titled new album.



Oasis – ‘Morning Glory’

It’s back to 1995, and with ‘Brit Pop’ reaching its zenith, Oasis released their sophomore album What’s the Story Morning Glory. Of all the anthemic tracks from this now classic release, ‘Morning Glory’ has always been one its hidden gems: driving, powerful and aggressive, it’s an absolutely superb track that’s worth a listen any day of the week…



A Rocket to the Moon – ‘Another Set of Wings’

A sweet, melancholic country track from the album Wild & Free (2013)…



Jackson Browne – ‘Somebody’s Baby’

A classic, foot-thumping hit from 1982! A song so addictive, it should come with detailed medical guidance…



Ásgeir – ‘Was There Nothing?’

Ethereal and haunting, this is a brilliant track from the album ‘In the Silence'(2013)…


Little Comets – ‘The Western Boy’

A superb track from the English band’s album Life is Elsewhere which just bounces with brooding energy…


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